"Vection Group, SmartSync .(Logical Edge AI):

A smart ingestion hub extrapolating data from a variety of wearables. Providing a friendly dashboard, UI/UX to make sense of it all. Our mobile UI recently earned a spot as a top 3 finalist (of 500) in the news category, Appy Awards. A 10-week study showed users app average at 28x/week, 4x/day, 7 to 9 minutes length of use. Two DoD SBIR Phase I & One Phase II contracts awarded. Partnership discussion with Palantir and the City of West Hollywood on a municipality proposal. Along with two significant patents, Highly Efficient and Parallel Data Transfer and Display, Geospatial Alerting (Push-Notifications)."


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The hub should wirelessly and effortlessly sync
with clients wearable devices within a designated range. Or when passing through a “gate-point” that triggers the sync.

The SmartSync hub will work with a wide range of commercial wearable devices, regardless of brand, model and smart product operating system. 

The SmartSync hub will take the data it receives across all wearable devices types and consolidate within a single analytics platform or athlete management system.

We designed the SmartSync data ingestion Hub for rapid prototyping. In our fast paced and ever-changing world, we need to be agile and update our products to meet the needs of a tech savvy workforce.